Hardee’s Customer Satisfaction Survey and it’s rewards.


Hardee’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is formed by Hardee’s to get Feedback from its customers about their experience with this restaurant! The people who take out time to fill this survey are entered into a lucky draw for $100 by Hardee’s.

Hardee’s is known for its delicious items that are a part of its main menu! Some of the most loved items offered by the company are its hamburgers and the large sized fries. Burgers offered by Hardee’s are everyone’s favorite.

Apart from these, the milkshakes offered by the company are also the most favorite of the customers.

If you are one of those people who love to have outside food, you must have heard of Hardee’s. Known for its delicious fast food items, Hardee’s is one of the most sought after places in the world.

With the tagline of “eat it like you mean it”, the people visiting the company at any of its outlets all over the world love to eat the items offered by it.


Hardee’s Customer Satisfaction Survey and rewards

Like hundreds of people all over the world, if you are also one of the fans of Hardee’s now is your chance to let the company know about your points of view.

This can be done simply through answering a few questions related to the satisfaction that you get from the products and the services of the company through a survey.

The name of this survey is Hardee’s Customer Satisfaction Survey and it entails a few questions with some options to choose from. After filling in the survey, you enter into a lucky draw of $100 by Hardee’s.

If you want to be a part of the survey, you would have to get your laptop or a mobile phone handy and connect it to an internet connection along with a recent receipt from Hardee’s

The steps for the survey

  • Once you have a stable connection, go to the link www.happystarreviews.com and start the survey.
  • The first page of the survey will welcome you and you’ll be asked to put in the state and the location of the outlet that you had visited to have your meal.
  • Next, you’ll have to add in the receipt number and start answering the asked questions.
  • The question entail whether you got a pleasant greeting, did you get the right supply of the order, if you were offered up size drink with the meal or not and whether you could understand the cashier well or not!


About Hardee’s

The company has been working in the business of restaurants for a very long period time and was founded by Wilber Hardee.

Since 1960, it has been the first choice of the customers looking forward to eating something delicious and this is the reason why it has developed so much.

Having its headquarters in Missouri, the company has its outlets in more than two thousand places all over the world.

This utmost love of the customers is solely because of the dedication and the hard work of the employees of the company that are more than six thousand all over the world.


  1. Visited Carl’s Jr. @ Wilshire/Normandie Kimberly C. Very friendly customer service she went above and beyond to serve us her customer servic

  2. Love the “MILEY CIRUS” lool a like she amazing every morning and I mean early morning. Keep it up positivity brings positivity.

  3. Had a VERY nice visit to Hardee’s, VERY clean, no flying insects in restaurant, even the window sills
    were very clean, the floors and tables also, VERY PLEASED!! I had stopped going to Hardee’s about
    1 and 1/2 years ago because we got such BAD service, and everything seemed dirty, but NOT this,
    EVERYTHING was clean, service was GREAT, and the food was Delicious!!! We will be back to
    visit VERY soon!! Thank you VERY much for your service and the people working at your place
    of business! LOVED your Hawaiian GRILLED chicken!!!! THANKS AGAIN!!

  4. Got Biscuit & Gravy at Tazewell poke Knoxville tn. , Biscuit was left over from day before, freed a piece of sausage to add to gravy to make it decent, thrown away Biscuit & put Gravyover apiece of White Bread, plentiful

  5. I really don’t like your new buns. Iv always asked for the old sesame seed bun instead, I think it works better with your mushroom burger. Tonight I was charged an additional 30 cents for the bun. Is this standard now????? Iv never been charged before???? I think that’s ridiculous……

  6. Hello. Saturday night after church we stopped by Hardee’s on National Road in Wheeling, WV 26003. We ordered 2 1/3 pound Thick Burgers. There were not very good. First when we picked up the sandwich it fell apart. The bun was as hard as a rock on the edges. I went up to Kalista and told her about how hard the buns were. She said I’m sorry. That’s it. What kind of customer serves is that. The price of a large fry is out of sight. We paid $2.49 for a small drink. I can not believe that we paid $12.16 for a terrible dinner. Which really is not a dinner. I can only tell you that I will not be coming back to your place. Burger King has you beat by a million.

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