Let us know about your experience and fill out the Hertz Survey!

By participating in the Hertz customer satisfaction survey, a surveyor can get By sales, locations and fleet size, it is the second largest car rental company in US.

There aim is to provide their customers with loans so that they can afford to buy cars of their choice. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority so the Hertz Customer Satisfaction Survey is made to ensure that you honestly tell us how you feel about your experience.

You can tell us how you got to know about us and also discuss your problems so that you may not encounter them in future. We take care of our customers need because we all are a family at Hertz Corporation.

Steps to fill out the Hertz Customer Satisfaction Survey

To share your experience with Hertz Corporation, follow the steps that are below

  • Get yourself a device that connects to internet anywhere.
  • Browse the following webpage URL to access the main page of Hertz Customer Satisfaction Survey www.hertzsurvey.com
  • Choose the language in which you want to fill the survey. It is given on the top right corner of the page.
  • Then enter your rental record number which contains 9 digits and is present on top of your receipt.
  • Also enter the 5 to 7-digit access code which is on the bottom of your receipt.
  • Press ‘Next’ and your survey will start.
  • Provide all your experiences with us and then after filling that enter your personal information.
  • Note that your personal information is safe with the company so do not worry at all.

Some additional information

  • Hertz corporation has more than 9700 corporates and franchises all over the United States
  • It was founded in Chicago, Illinois, United States in 1918
  • Its founder is Walter L. Jacobs
  • It now operates in 150 countries that includes Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia etc
  • The company also owns Dollar and Thrifty Automotive Group.

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