Get discounts and free meal through McDonald’s Survey!

Known for its amazing food and super-efficient delivery, McDonald’s is loved by people all over the world.

Another thing that sets McDonald’s apart from others is the fact that it always keeps coming up with new and amazing ways through which it can satisfy its customers.

Even though it is a brand loved by each and every person living on the face of earth, it still makes sure to try on new and latest things to grab the attention of its customers.

Apart from providing its customers with amazing services and food items, it also lets them win free coupons just by answering simple questions.

Surveys by McDonald’s

You must have heard about the surveys that require customers answering some simple questions and in turn, they win something fabulous!

McDonald’s has come up with something similar. Now, just by answering a few questions from the McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, you would be able to get to win some amazing things.

The few minutes that you would spend in answering these questions will be extremely valuable for you as well as the company.

Where you will get a chance to have free stuff, the company will get to know the reputation it holds in the eye of the customers.

This will in turn let the company know about the areas where it needs to work hard and move ahead to provide you with furthermore benefits! This means, it is a win-win situation for you in all aspects.


You can get a free meal and discount on your next acquisition by filling out the Mcdonald’s customer satisfaction survey.

How to be a part of the McDonald’s survey?

  • In order to be a part of the survey, you need to get your hands on a fast internet connection that needs to be connected to either your mobile phone or a laptop!
  • With the help of that, you would be able to enter into the survey using the receipt of your previous outing.
  • Once you have entered the site, you have to choose the language you are comfortable in! You would have to choose between Spanish and English language.
  • Being above the age of thirteen will let you become a part of this survey and answer the questions that would be related to the services that you get during your visit to the outlet.

Some facts we bet you didn’t know

  • Started off in America with a simple hamburger, the company soon gained a lot of attention from people living in the close vicinity of the place and even amongst the ones who lived far off.
  • This led to a sudden boast in the confidence of the company which led to making it coming up with the idea of increasing the number of its outlets all over the world.
  • Now, the company is considered as one of the biggest fast food chains in the world which is still considered as one of the most loved companies amongst the customers.
  • One main reason why McDonald’s remains on the top whenever it comes to talking about people loving it is because of its regular alterations that it keeps coming up with.
  • The company provides its customers with regular surveys time to time-related to the service provide and the products offered and an honest answering session helps the company in changing the way it serves them.


  1. went to the atlanta tx. store for a mocha frappe paid at 2:41 was asked to pull up sat there till 2:54 before i was given my drink after at least 8 other cars were taken care of the girl came out and tried to give me food i told her i did not order food i just wanted my large mocha frappe it was not a very good to have to wait and it was already melting

  2. We purchase two artisan grilled chicken to go at the east Bremerton Wa. mcdonalds at 4:30pm
    on 13 August 2017. The taste of the chicken was so bad we could not eat them. I gave mine to the dog and within 5 minutes the dog threw the chicken up on the floor. We will never eat another chicken sandwich from mcdonalds again.

  3. Waited in drive up lane for over 15 minutes. We only ordered 1 McDouble and when we opened the bag the burger was cold and the bun was hard as a rock. Poor example of what fast food is supposed to be

  4. Been shopping ar this store for years. Last 3 visits were horrible: cold food, 10 mon. Wait, no straw or napkin, employees talking to others while waiting on me.

  5. I have been trying to get into the mcdvkice to advise you how I found our visit but To no avail!! Tired of trying, We were in the Garden City store and walked out! The young lady did not care! She was busy talking with a guy! We were in another day a two employees were first fighting in front of the fry station. We will never go into that McDonalds again! The best mcdonalds that we have bee in are on route 544 and on business 17, The crew and managers are very nice. One manager by the name of Sheila is a very good manager. A caring person! Please do something about your mcdvoice! S. Reilly

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