Get a coupon code by taking the 99 Restaurants Customer Survey

By filling out the 99 restaurants customer satisfaction survey you get a coupon code. We all want nothing but the best when it comes to treating our taste buds with some mouth-watering delicious food.

99 Restaurants brings you the best value for your money with its amazing food. One look at their menu is enough to tempt you to try at least one item on it.

Reasonably priced and served fresh, their food more than just offers you more than just what you’re eating. It is a whole experience packaged into a meal.

The environment and the ambience along with their staff, truly make you feel at home with their warmth and pleasing attitude.


If you fill out the 99 restaurants customer satisfaction survey, it gives you a coupon code that you can use at your next acquisition.

99 Restaurants Customer Satisfaction Survey

The 99 Restaurants Customer Satisfaction Survey has been designed to find out how happy customers are with the restaurant’s services and food. A happy customer is extremely valuable to a firm because it attracts more customers, thereby boosting the firm’s sales.

The information that the firm receives through surveys and feedback questionnaires from its customers helps it realise its strengths and weaknesses and find out how and where can they bring improvements.

To incentivize the process of filling out a survey, something which a lot of people might not enjoy, 99 Restaurants Customer Satisfaction Survey offers you the chance to win a special offer which you can claim before its expiration date.

Filling out the survey

To fill out the 99 Restaurants Customer Satisfaction Survey, you need a strong and fast internet connection without any connectivity issues, a device on which you can access the internet, and a 99 Restaurants receipt from your recent to visit to one of their outlets.

Proceed as follows to fill out the survey:

  1. Go to from your web browser
  2. Enter the 16-digit serial number contained in your receipt
  3. Enter the name of your server
  4. Click on the pink ‘Start’ button to begin answering survey questions
  5. Upon completion, you will receive a special offer which you can claim before its expiry date

You wanna know more about the restaurant that serves you hand-breaded Boneless Buffalo Wings

  • Charlie Doe is the founder of 99 Restaurants & Pub
  • The Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub’s headquarters are located in Woburn, MA
  • It serves more than 20 million customers in a year in over 100 restaurants within the Northeast.

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