Gift Voucher with Groom Room Experience Survey online!

Groom Room survey is an online place created by the company to keep a check on their customer’s satisfaction. The survey is not only good for the company but the customer too. Filling the online survey will lead to a lucky draw that has a £500 home gift voucher in case he wins.


Once you have filled the Groom Room online survey you will automatically enter in a lucky draw. Groom Room at Pets at Home has always been very particular about its customer’s satisfaction and their services.

The survey is specially designed for their customer’s to help them improve in the best possible way because the company wants to know the honest experience of each and every customer. You can fill it anytime, anywhere! And the best part is that it will only take a few minutes so you can even start now!

But if you are having any sort of problem, this article will help you know the step by step process of how you can fill the survey online.

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Step by Step Guide for filling the Groom Room Experience Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you are going to follow the simple and easy steps that are present just below, then you will be able to complete the Groom Room Experience Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Read the steps properly if you want to remove all obstacles that can come your way.

1. Open your laptop or personal computer.

2. A Smartphone will work too.

3. Make sure your device is connected to the internet.

4. Now open your preferred browser.

5. Visit their online website i.e.

6. Once their web-page is in front of you, you can see the Groom Room Experience Customer Satisfaction Survey on the new window.

7. You will start by entering the Quote ref and date of visit to the Groom Room.

8. Then click on ‘Start’ and your survey questions will begin. Answer all the questions honestly because it is very essential for the progress of the company.

9. In the end, enter your personal information like your name, your home address etc. But if you are concerned about your privacy then this is something you need not to worry about because Groom Room will never take a risk when it comes to the privacy of their customers.

You can also read the privacy policy by clicking on ‘Privacy Policy’ present on the bottom of the main page if you want to.

10. Once you have entered the required information, click on submit and your survey will be submitted.

11. After completing the survey you will be entered in their £500 home gift voucher lucky draw that was mentioned above.


Since Groom Room online survey does not provide with any sort of cash back rewards, etc. Their gift voucher is something that becomes a great deal for their regular customers.

Although the person submitting the online survey will not be rewarded with specific rewards but he has the chance to win the £500 home gift voucher.


Rules and Regulations

However, in order to submit the form there a few rules that one will have to follow. Keep them in mind.

  • Your purchase is not compulsory.
  • Only one person can submit the survey at a time.
  • Laptop or personal computer is a must.
  • A good internet connection is also required.
  • The winner will be announced on the 7th of every month.
  • The person submitting the survey should be a minimum 18 years of age.
  • No cash option facility is available.

Other facts that you may want to know

Pets at Home is the biggest retailer of pet supplies that was founded in 1991, almost about 26 years ago. Its headquarters are present in England, United Kingdom.

The founder of Pets at Home is Anthony Preston. The products that the company sells to its customers are toys, food, pets, accessories and so much more.

Total number of employees that work at the company are 6000 and there are 370 stores owned by the company and the company is a great option for those who want their pets to get groomed every now and then.

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