Chance to win 200$ gift card by filling in Boston Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey

Boston Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey is a survey that generated by Boston pizza to find out their flaws.  The who participate in this survey are then entered into a lucky draw for a 200$ worth gift card


What Boston Pizza offers


The main items that the company deals in are pastas along with some yummy ribs. Apart from that, the company has some scrumptious hamburgers to offer.

If you are one of those people who are on a strict diet, the company has a solution for you! Amazing salads are offered in all the outlets and you would love to dig into them. And, of course the pizza that Boston pizza comes up with is anyway fantastic!

It is all because of the delicious food served by the company that the revenue collected in the last year by the company was more than nine million Canadian dollars.

Prize the Boston Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey


Boston pizza is conducting these surveys to understand the customers need and choices. Whats the customers taste wants and what are the point at which Boston Pizza is lacking and falling behind compared to its competitors

This survey now gives you the chance to win amazing prizes from it. The Boston Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey is a proof that they want to improve according to their customer expectations.


What you need to do is to answer some simple questions of the survey and get a chance to win a gift card worth fifty dollars.

Along with a chance to win $50 voucher, You can enter the lucky draw that gives you a chance to win $200 dollar worth gift card that can be used at the Boston Pizza outlet!

Answering the questions of Boston Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey will lead to you winning this prize. The survey entails some simple questions in which you will have to tell how did you like the taste and the services of the company.

Requirements for filling the survey


There are a requirements that you will have to fulfill in order to fill the survey.

  • You should have a recent receipt from a Boston pizza outlet
  • You may be of age 18 or 18+, minors cannot fill in this survey.
  • You must be a resident of Canada

Boston Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey Process


The steps to fill the customer satisfaction survey include

  1. Start off the survey by going to the link 
  2. After that you will have to fill in the survey code. You will find the code on the receipt of your last order to the company.
  3. You can choose the language of the survey from the options of English and Spanish!
  4. Next you will have to tell the date and time as well as the location which you had visited!
  5. After that you will see the questions and the feedback that Boston Pizza wants from it’s customers.
  6. You have to give in your honest feedback, Choose the options from being highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied keeping in mind your experience you had.
  7. Click on submit

you will automatically be added in the lucky draw for the reward of $200 .

Things you should know about Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza is Canada’s #1 pizza parlor. It has about 380 restaurants in Canada and are offering around 100 different items on their menu!

They cater to around 40 million guests annually and yet has been recognized  one of Canada’s 50 best controlled company

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