Affordable shopping by filling the Chico’s Customer Satisfaction Survey online!

To all the women who love shopping, Chico has a reward for you! The Chico Customer satisfaction survey is provided to improve the quality of their products as well as services. This is beneficial to both, customers and the company. Filling the Chico Satisfaction survey will help you get the chance to sign up for their email club which will be good for you in various ways.


Chico’s want the feedback of their every customer so that they can improve things for their next visit. That is why they have the Chico’s Customer Satisfaction Survey online which you can take whenever you want to. All your information and reviews will be safe with the company.

In order to make it easy for you to fill and submit their online survey, we made a quick guide for you to help you do it easily.

Step by Step Protocol to complete the Chico’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you want to fill the Chico’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, then follow the simple and easy steps that are present below.

Surely, after reading them carefully, you will have no problems or issues at all.

You only need to have the receipt of Chico’s and a device that can connect to internet. For this purpose, you can use a laptop, smart phone or even a public computer.

Once, you have the device, follow the steps that are present below

  • Click open the web page link that is there at the end of this statement
  • In front of you, main page of Chico’s Customer Satisfaction Survey will open on a new window.
  • Click on ‘Begin Survey’ and then on the next page mention the date, store, time of your visit.
  • Then, on the next page, answer all the survey questions honestly according to your experience at the store.
  • In the end, provide your personal informal and do not worry as it is safe with the company.
  • Click on ‘Submit’ and then you are good to go.


Filling out the form and submitting is quite easy. However, if you want to know what other rewards they provide, keep reading.

Although Chico does not reward a lot to their customers upon filling the survey but the customers do get a chance to sign up for their email’s club.

Signing up for email club is beneficial for people who shop a lot because this way they can avail products at affordable prices since the email club gives many opportunities to their customers.

Survey requirements

The only survey require a few things. Keep these things in mind before you start the survey process or you’ll end up doing nothing.

  • The customer should be a minimum of 13 years of age.
  • You will have to agree to their privacy policy at the time of filling the survey.
  • A laptop or pc.
  • A good internet connection.
  • A Smartphone can work too in case you don’t have a laptop or pc available.

Other details about the company

Chico’s is retail chain of women’s clothing and its headquarters are present in Fort Myers, FL, U.S.

Other products that the company provides to its customers are apparel and accessories.

The founders of the company are Marvin and Helene Gralnick. It serves in areas like United States, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada. Total number of stores that the company operates are about 1557 and the total employees that work are 23,700.

The survey provided to you is helpful in a way that it improves their quality and services which at the end of the day is beneficial for you.


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  1. My wife today went to the store located at 1700 south Street, ste 190 in McAllen,Texas. Phone number 956-683-683-1016.
    The Manger there is Leslie Archer.
    I came home around 4:00pm 8/27/2019. She was telling me of the bad incident that happened in your store.
    The manager yelled at my wife and told her to leave the store in a bad manner. Also Mrs. Leslie Archer called the police on my wife. This been said my wife is Maria Luisa Salinas and has been a true customer of CHICO’S for over 25 years. She was treated like if she was a thief in your store.
    This all came out cause my wife had left behind a check in a store bag, where she was going to return some items and bought more clothing for herself.
    Believe there is a conflict of interest with your manager. She was been so mean made my wife of 64 years in age. Discrimination and bad education was used to offend my wife and also calling out at her. In telling her in yelling in front of other customers to leave her store. And this discrimination has to stop. My wife has been told this by your manager ???
    McAllen Police Department 1601 North Bicentennial , McAllen Texas / 956-681-2000
    Officer A. Rios # 12089
    Police report # 19:61678

    If you would like to speak to my wife please call her directly @956-803-6888 or call me her husband @ 956-685- 4292
    Please be known that my wife only speaks Spanish.
    Discrimination and Calling my wife a thief does not go well and my attorney will get in touch with your office of this matter of you don’t call me or make a solution for this matter.
    Thanks for your consideration and time to look at this matter.
    Daniel H. Salinas Sr

    PS: a copy of this letter will be sent to our attorney.

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