RaceTrac Customer Satisfaction Survey comes with free coupons and a chance to win $500


The RaceTrac Customer Satisfaction Survey is there for the customers to give their feedback to RaceTrac so they can improve their products and services! The customers are rewarded for filling this survey in form of gift coupons and a chance to win $500 through a lucky draw!!

The gasoline coupled with consumer’s products makes this place a worth visiting while going on long trips. With more and more stations being opened throughout the country, the company is getting more and more recognition

It is one of the most trusted places to go to whenever one feels the need to fill up his vehicle with some fuel. The company is a retail one and is considered as quite a reasonable convenience store that comes in handy especially when you are off to a long journey.

The quality of the fuel that you fill your vehicle with does matter a lot. If you are habitual to having the low quality one, your vehicle will eventually wear out. There are a number of companies that come up your rescue when it comes to talking about fuel of high quality.

Know the RaceTrac Customer Satisfaction Survey

In order to make its services even more efficient and come up with more and better services for the customers, the company has now come up with a great idea.

The company now wants its customers to let it know what they think about the products and the services of the company. This survey is named as RaceTrac Customer Satisfaction Survey and spending just ten minutes, you can answer the simple questions asked in it

The company offers their gratitude to their customers who give their feedback in form of free gift coupons and a chance to win $500 through a lucky draw!


More about the survey

  • In order to start the survey, you need to go to the link www.tellracetrac.com using your laptop or a mobile phone. You also should have a recent receipt from Race trac.
  • The first page of the survey will ask you to put in the survey code. Do not worry when you are asked for that as you can easily find it from the receipt of your last payment
  • . On the top right corner of the receipt, you’ll be able to find it. After that, the location of the store will also be needed to mention so that the company gets a clear idea.
  • The date of the visit and the amount of money spent will have to be mentioned next! Answer the few simple questions asked next and once you are done, you will be eligible to some amazing discounts for the next time.
  • Once you are done click submit the survey. You will be entered into the lucky draw worth $500 and also be emailed a gift coupon!

Facts about RaceTrac

RaceTrac started off its business sin the year 1934. This makes it one of the earliest businesses that came forward to provide their customers with high-quality gasoline and that too in a low price.

Currently, the company has more than seven hundred stations throughout the United States of America. To serve the people to the maximum level, the company has employed around seven and half thousand people. RaceTrac is filled with people that are quite efficient and pro at what they do.

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