Rexall Survey gives $5 off coupon


Customer satisfaction surveys are conducted primarily for the minimizing the distance between the customer and the owner. The Rexall Survey at takes about five to seven minutes of your precious time to complete. The feedback you give holds an important place in company’s conference room as the company can only be successful if its customers are happy and to know how much they are happy they have created this system.


Rexall is historical drug store chain since 1902. Rexall was founded by Louis K. Liggett in Boston, Massachusetts. Customers can contact Rexall toll-free at 1-877-378-4100 Monday to Friday 9 AM – 5 PM EST with any questions or concerns they have about the company and their products.


Become a part of Rexall survey by going to their official website at The site is designed with numerous aspects as to cover everything so that nothing misses out and the customer can fully share his/her experience.


  • You should have an electronic device with you like laptop, mobile, PC or tablet.
  • You should have good internet connectivity in order to access the survey site efficiently.
  • You must be of age to participate in the survey.
  • You should hold Rexall store receipt at the time of completing survey.


By completing the survey, Rexall at the end of survey gives you $5 off on your next $25 Retail purchase along with 10 chances to win $1,000.


  1. To complete the Rexall Survey, please go to the survey site at
  2. Please mention the amount that you spent on your visit day.
  3. Enter the date of your visit.
  4. Enter the time of your visit.
  5. Enter the survey code present on your store receipt.
  6. Answer some questions relating to your experience. Please answer accurately and honestly. Your answer must according to the question.
  7. Provide your contact information to enter yourself into sweepstakes drawing.
  8. In the end submit the survey.


  1. I originally lived on the west mountain
    I moved to binbrook and then to the east mountain and I still shop at rexall at paradise and stonechurch ,many times people have told me to shop at shoppers,as I have a lot of perscriptions and its closer to where I live.I like the staff at this store and I feel like I am welcomed there.Philip is my favorite !!! he is one of the best pharmacists I have ever met.He really cares!!! The girls are always busy doing there jobs when they are not busy at the cash.I even have a rexall closer to me at upper Ottawa,I would rather take the drive, to get the respect of being a regular shopper.My favorite store.Kudos to all of the hard workers there,always ready to help me out.Thanks Sera and all the staff there,

  2. I deal with Jay and Christina at my rexall store on first avenue west, Owen Sound. I am in a wheelchair and I don’t expect or ask for special help. They show me respect, NOT pity. I ride around the store and get my products. I had two large items and the pharmacist Jay told me they would deliver my items for me and they don’t charge.
    I find that both of them have the nicest personalities whenever I deal with them. If they ever left I would sure miss them.Thanks for letting me show my respect for them in this note. Thank you

  3. I visit my Rexall store at least once a week or more….the sstaff is always helpful and friendly. The store always offer great specials that I need…the only drug store that I will always go to.

  4. I have just come from the store and had made purchases, I filled our survey with the correct answers to questions until time at store which was 14:23:26 as indicated on receipt it would not let me go further as it said not right. So I have finished and not going to do any more surverys unless until someone, somewhere gets it right at your end.

    My best experience at store at the Eglinton/Bayview location is the cashier named
    Mary Anne she is always smiling and helpful and knows her job. I have watched her many times helping seniors and mothers with babies being kind and giving them a helpful hand. this is very good and important and I think she is an excellant employees.

  5. I love my Rexall Strore in Freser Street. The staff is very light spoken and help me to purchase the items, even sometimes they come with me and show the items in the row. last time i visit on 12th April at 18.29.33 vide receipt no. 225097 and Mr. Vishal help me lot.

  6. I deal with Rexall on a monthly basis because I get medical supplies from them that only they carry! (Quite surprising in a town the size I live in of 100k ppl and that has multiple Shoppers drugstores!)
    They are always friendly and helpful and I always enjoy dealing with the “Home Health Centre”” because all the girls remember me by name when I call and I always get excellent service!

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