Waitrose Survey gives £500 redeemable voucher

If you are happy or unhappy with Waitrose services, this is your chance to say your word. Waitrose would like to hear from you about its offerings. Share your experience at www.waitrosehaveyoursay.com.


Waitrose is a supermarket chain. It was founded in 1904 in Acton, West London. It is currently headquartered in Bracknell, Berkshire, England. The Waitrose supermarket not only serves the people of Great Britain, but it also has a royal warrant to serve wine, spirits and groceries to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.


Waitrose survey is located at – www.waitrosehaveyoursay.com. You can enter into survey by clicking on the link given here.


You participation is important for better service and good work. But to participate you must fulfill some requirements, these are:

  • You should be of appropriate age to take the survey.
  • You should have an electronic device like Laptop, Mobile, Tablet or Computer.
  • You should have good internet connectivity to access the website.
  • You should have Waitrose store receipt or survey invitation.


As you complete the survey, you will be given a chance to win £500 of Waitrose or John Lewis vouchers.


Following bullets will guide you in completing an accurate and correct survey:

  1. Visit the Waitrose Survey site at- www.waitrosehaveyoursay.com.
  2. Pick your most recent shopping experience: In-store or Click & Collect or Delivery.
  3. Choose whether you are over or under 18 years of age.
  4. If you selected in-store, you will enter the name of the branch you visited as well as the date and time.
  5. If you selected Click & Collect or Delivery, you will choose the option of Click & Collect, Delivery or shopping in-store and have it delivered.
  6. The questionnaire consists of number of questions. These questions are related to your recent experience at the store. Answer them honestly.
  7. Then rate a series of situations according to your like and dislike.
  8. In the end, submit the survey.


  1. Dear Sir,
    I have been a loyal customer of Waitrose for many years but recently I have become disillusioned and disappointed with some aspects of Waitrose service, or lack of. it. In recent weeks I have noticed large gaps in shelves for things I have wished to buy. To quote two examples from my last two visits. Last Tuesday I wanted 6 bottles of Liebfraumilch wine, shelf empty.When I spoke to a partner I was told coming in on Thursday. This happens frequently and the usual explanation is ‘it is popular. Yesterday I wished to buy Lyons coffee bags, shelf empty comiing Thursday. If things are so popular why not order more to avoid exhausting supplies and the patience of loyal customers.You might wish to know that last week after the Liebraumilch incident I went to Tesco and picked some up; no problem.

    Kind regards

  2. HI, Just a small note to say I have just moved to Chipping Sodbury and went to waitrose for the first time and i am very glad i did the staff was very nice and helpful the store was very clean and well stocked next step is to get a waitrose card .kind regards Gilda Coe

  3. I visit the Waitrose shop in Leighton Buzzard regularly. I don’t buy all my food there and I find it a little more expensive than other supermarkets but I like the fact that it is small and the staff have good product knowledge. I also like the range of goods on offer and the location is convenient for people who don’t have a car. They always make an effort to process transactions quickly but I prefer the real live staff to the machines.

  4. I have visited Waitrose since it first opened in Leighton Buzzard and I find that the staff have good produce knowledge and there is a good range of things to buy. I prefer the real staff to the machines.

  5. Visited my local Waitrose in Wallingford today and as I have a My Waitrose card decided to sue a scanner for my shop. Upon compelting my purchases rather than queue up at the express counter or use card I opted for a staffed checkout.. The girl who served me must have been half awake, she neither smiled nor said ‘Good Morning/afternoon and hesistated somewhat as to whether or not she was able to process my shopping. Eventually she managed ( just about) to get it all through., Talk about service with a smile?? ( there wasn’t one)

  6. Just wanted to register my thanks to all the staff at your Beckenham branch after suffering a theft of my John Lewis credit card at the front of the store having only found out the following day it had been taken. Also thanks to the two security men on duty. My chief concern is the lack of follow up by the police as the card was used illegally to the tune of about £3.600,and having CCTV of my being pick pocketed it should be used to catch the offenders.

    • I think most people would agree that the price of most goods is on the high side, but this is offset to some extent by special offers and free newspapers. Above all the quality of your goods is very high and the adage ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly applies.

  7. My friend and I went for coffee in your Milngavie shop yesterday. What a pleasure, we were served by two very peasant ladies Marie and Mary Anne. We were served promptly and efficiently. This is in contrast to our usual experience when the wait is extremely long and the service by a number of assistants who seem uninterested and are inefficient.

  8. Having shopped at your Saltash store for the last 18 years all the standards that were so acceptable to us are slowly eroding away, from empty shelves through to a cafe giving worse service and food quantities and staff attitudes appearing to reflect on an unhappy place of work. No all you understand but many of them.
    Today I ordered a cheese and ham toasty, no spread on one side of the bread, cheese spread I think on the other, ham tough and no taste in the end I left it despite some brown sauce. Where was the salad garnish, gone never to be seen again just like the free coffee given to ALL not just the true customer, didn’t we know that would go!

    All in all at the start 10/10, now 3/10…..happy days

  9. I shop at my local Nailsea Store a couple of times each week. I have to be careful with what I buy as an OAP but the variety and quality of goods are excellent. Some more expensive items I walk past! I find the fruit and vegetables rather expensive, except the carrots which are a very low price. I buy Waitrose own brands frequently.The Staff are most helpful, and when my wife was taken ill in the Store she was given immediate and compassionate help.

  10. Thank you for the great service received today. I treated myself to a bottle of Laphroaig single malt whiskey on offer at £25. In addition there was a great stock of Bart herb seasoning to choose from which is so useful to create a satisfying addition to cooking. Staff very helpful as always.

  11. As always excellent customer service. I usually do most of my weekly shopping here but to day I only purchased some flowers. I was asked if I wished them gift wrapped . I did and in no time and with no trouble they were wrapped . I was given a choice of colour wrapping paper and tied with a lovely ribbon at no extra charge.

  12. It is a pleasure to visit the Saltash branch, te partners working there are always helpful the produce is always of a high standard and clearly displayed .

  13. I visited the Market Harbour branch of Waitrose for morning coffee and some shopping. That morning I had had a bad tumble outside my home but decided with my wife to eventually go out . The staff were so very caring and nothing was too much trouble to help me get over my tumble with the consequences evident on my face . I felt quite moved with the attention.

  14. I mostly shopping from Surbiton waitrose I really very agree for those items that I got because of quality and prices . staffs are very kind and polite

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