Delicious treat by Long John Silver’s Customer Satisfaction Survey!

The Long John customer satisfaction survey is a good option to provide the feedback they want. With the Long John Silver’s customer satisfaction survey the customer will get a chance to win free food or other gift card facilities too.


What do you think of when you think of fast-food? Burgers and pizzas, usually made of chicken or beef, right?

What if we were to tell you there was a fast-food place specifically dedicated to seafood? If there are any seafood lovers reading this, they can get excited, while others now have a chance to try something new.

The place is none other than Long John Silver’s, which was founded in 1969 and continues to serve delicious food to countless customers.

The Long John Silver’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

A company is only as good as the people using the company deem it to be. You can sell the best products in the world and still fail if your customers don’t like the company.

Long John Silver’s is aware of how important it is to give the customers what they want and keep them happy.

Hence, the company often conducts surveys to hear from them, such as the Long John Silver’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.

The Steps to Follow

Once you follow the step by step guide we made for you, filling the survey will not be problem.

  1. The first step is to visit the following web address by using your preferred browser.
  2. This will take you to the survey’s main page, where you need to enter the Store Number and Ticket Number in the given spaces.
  3. You can find both the numbers on your Long John Silver’s receipt from your most recent trip.
  4. Then, press “Start” and begin the survey. All you have to do is answer all the survey questions while keeping in mind your most recent visit to Long John Silver’s.
  5. After answering all the questions, you will receive a validation code which you can redeem during your next visit.



Once you have filled their online survey you will be able to avail various reward offers. A person can get discount offers as well as free gift card balance.

Free food and sweepstakes points can also be earned when filling the online survey.

The survey however is simple and easy and can be done anytime online.

Survey requirements

The only survey require a few things. Keep these things in mind before you start the survey process or you’ll end up doing nothing.

 The customer should be a minimum of 13 years of age.

 You will have to agree to their privacy policy at the time of filling the survey.

 A laptop or pc.

 Your personal information.

 A good internet connection.

 A Smartphone can work too in case you don’t have a laptop or pc available.

Other company details you might want to know

Named after pirate “Long John” Silver from the novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, Long John Silver’s is an American chain of fast-food restaurants.

The company, founded by Jim Patterson and based in Louisville, Kentucky, specializes in seafood.

And provides best quality food all over. Help them improve their services by filling the online survey.

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