Get a chance to win up to $1000 prize money with Rite Aid

Avail a golden chance to win up to $1000, by completing Rite Aid customer satisfaction survey. The survey consists of a few simple questions, with the perk of winning a whopping prize money up to one thousand dollars and several other small prizes of hundred dollars.

Living in a time where fake products are on the rise finding a company that actually provides its customers with authentic products is rare. rite aid corporation however, has lived up to to its expectation for more than a decade. Founded in 1962, rite aid corporation has been in business for more than 62 years. they have been the authentic pioneers of pharmaceuticals, providing health services to many Americans every day.

The company started off its business in the United States of America and now, it has spread all over the world. The head quarter of the company however is still in East Pennsboro Township. According to the statistics, Rite Aid Corporation is the third largest drugstore company in the United States of America.

To expand its business venture, it is important for the company to understand its standing performance through customer feedback, especially for a large pharmaceutical setup like Rite Aid.  this survey would help the company achieve its expected goals in health market.

Now the customers can put up their prescription online and the company would send the medicine to them right away. This quick service is helping the company in carving a niche of its own. There are only a few companies in the world who work so efficiently in order to provide the products and services to their customers.


Prize awards up to $1000 and small cash prizes, by Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Brief Overview

  1. Rite Aid Corporation also had started as a small time drugstore in America.
  2. Rite aid was first called Rack Rite in 1958.
  3. Rite aid corporation now secures a significant share of partnership the company General Nutrition Corporation.
  4. in 1983, it made over one billion dollars of revenue.

Did you know?

  • The rite Aid foundation has donated over $80 million to organisations for children’s healthcare and well-being.
  • All the Rite Aid pharmacies in america are going through some serious cool makeover for customer attraction and reliance.
  • The company has also initiated a nail bar section with as cheap as $1 services.
  • They still own the classic penny store ice cream (which you would not find anywhere else), maintaining the quality and taste for more than 60 years now.
  • It has the best wellness rewards programs among all the drugstores in US.

Simple steps to Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey

Becoming a part of the survey is really easy! For that, you need to have a laptop or a mobile phone with you that have a stable internet connection with it.

  1. The first step is to enter the website
  2. The first page of the website will ask you whether you would like to proceed in English or Spanish. After selecting your required language, you would be taken to the next page.
  3. The receipt number that you would be able to find at the end of the receipt will help you entering the survey and answer the asked questions.
  4. The questions will be about the quality of the products purchased by you and the service provided by the people who helped you finding the item.
  5. In the end, let the company have your contact information so that you would be contacted to give away the prize money!

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